[Numpy-discussion] Ironclad v2.6.0rc1 released

William Reade fwereade@googlemail....
Wed Dec 23 16:43:19 CST 2009

Hi all

I'm very happy to announce the latest release (candidate) of Ironclad,
the 120-proof home-brewed CPython compatibility layer, now available
for IronPython 2.6!

No longer need .NET pythonistas toil thanklessly without the benefits
of bz2, csv, numpy and scipy: with a simple 'import ironclad', (most
parts of) the above packages -- and many more -- will transparently
Just Work. For reference: over 1500 tests pass in numpy 1.3.0; over
1900 in 1.4.0RC1; and over 2300 in scipy 0.7.1.

Get the package from:

...and get support from:

...or just ask me directly.

I'm very keen to hear your experiences, both positive and negative; I
haven't been able to test it on as many machines as I have in the
past, so your feedback is especially important this time round*.


* I'd be especially grateful if someone with a newish multicore
machine would run the numpy and scipy test scripts (included in the
source distrbution) a few times to check for consistent results and
absence of weird crashes; if someone volunteers, I'll help however I

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