[Numpy-discussion] f2py: VS version on Windows

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Mon Feb 2 20:03:31 CST 2009

>             I'm trying to test out f2py in Windows (python 2.5.4 32-bit
> for now + most recent Numpy). I'd like to use the Intel
> compilers, but msvc is fine if needed. I get the output below
> about which I have a question re: the warning about VS
> version. I have VS 2008 currently which should have no trouble
> making binaries compatible with older version of VS(?) Is
> there any way around this error with VS > 2003?

Shortly speaking: you must for Python 2.5 link with msvcr71.dll. The
version of the MSVC compiler is unimportant if you can force it to use
this CRT. Check your link libraries, and see if you find one for this DLL.
Otherwise, you need to create a .def file for this DLL and create the link
library from that. And make sure you don't link with other CRT versions.


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