[Numpy-discussion] Few minor issues with numscons

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Feb 4 02:57:53 CST 2009

Brian Granger wrote:
>> The releases are on Pypi for quite some time. I converted the repo to
>> git and put it on github, but I have not really worked on numscons for
>> several months now for lack of time ( and because numscons it mostly
>> "done" and the main limitations of numscons are not fixable without
>> fixing some fairly major scons limitations).
>> Basically, the repo on github is only the convertion from bzr, without
>> any new features.
> Do you have plans to continue to maintain it though?

I can't say for sure; I am still quite interested in working on
build/distributions problems in numpy and more generally python. But in
my mind, this work only really makes sense if it becomes integrated to
numpy.distutils and even can be used by arbitrary python extension as
some point. And that's just not realistic at this point because of some
fundamental scons limitations (I would like scons to be callable from a
pure python scripts, as a library). So I spent quite some time on scons
itself  (and more recently waf, which started as a scons fork).

There is also the fundamental time problem, but we all are in the same
boat on this one :)

> One other things I forgot to mention.  I first tried the head of your
> git repo and numpy complained that the version of numscons (0.10) was
> too *old*.  It wanted the version to be greater than somehting like
> 0.9.1, and clearly it was, so it looks like there is a bug in the
> numscons version parsing in numpy.distutils.

Can be a stupid bug in the version check. It should be ok with numpy
trunk, though.


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