[Numpy-discussion] how to get the corresponding eigenvector for a specific eigen value?

Xiaoyu Chu beryl.cxy@gmail....
Mon Feb 9 01:32:53 CST 2009

Hey all,
      I am currently working on a large matrix, and I already have a
specific eigen value that I want to use in order to find out its
corresponding eigen vector. Is there an easy way to do so?

     I have tried with linalg.solve(a, b), where I put a as the
Matrix A - eigen value* unit matrix, and b as the zero matrix. But the
solution returned is a zero matrix, which I really find disappointing.

     I have also tried with eig(A), which finds out all the eigen
vectors of matrix A, but it takes too long to run especially the order
of my matrix is like 10,000.

    So right now, I really find myself stuck. Is there anyone who can help me?

   My great gratitude.


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