[Numpy-discussion] [SciPy-user] Numpy 1.2.1 and Scipy 0.7.0; Ubuntu packages

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu Feb 12 05:29:55 CST 2009

Andrew Straw wrote:
> OK, I think you're concerned about compatibility of Python extensions
> using fortran. We don't use any (that I know of), so I'm going to stop
> worrying about this and upload .debs from your .dsc (or very close) to
> my repository...
> ...except for one last question: If Hardy uses the g77 ABI but I'm
> building scipy with gfortran, shouldn't there be an ABI issue with my
> ATLAS? Shouldn't I get lots of test failures with scipy? I don't.

Not for hardy, because Hardy has the transitional packages (e.g. it has
both gfortran and g77 ABI packages: libatlas 3g* vs atlas3*). But this
wouldn't work for earlier distributions.

> Well, I appreciate you doing that. Packaging is a thankless job...

Reducing the number of support emails is enough for me as an incentive :)

> This is the only other point I want to make: if you're building from the
> same .dsc, it means you're using the same control/rules/patches. (That's
> why I brought up the checksums and the signatures.)

Yes, the problem is not how to avoid different packages from the .dsc,
but how to conditionally defines some sections in the control file and
rule files,


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