[Numpy-discussion] Fast threading solution thoughts

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Thu Feb 12 07:50:52 CST 2009

> I am curious: would you know what would be different in numpy's case
> compared to matlab array model concerning locks ? Matlab, up to
> recently, only spreads BLAS/LAPACK on multi-cores, but since matlab 7.3
> (or 7.4), it also uses multicore for mathematical functions (cos,
> etc...). So at least in matlab's model, it looks like it can be useful.
> I understand that numpy's model is more flexible (I don't think strided
> arrays can overlap in matlab for example, at least not from what you can
> see from the public API).
> cheers,

And the 'more flexible' is one of the biggest drawback. It's one of
the reasons Fortran is so fast compared to C: you can't have pointer
aliases, so you will be slower. With Numpy, it is the same.

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