[Numpy-discussion] CROSS-COMPILING NUMPY

Yepez, Esteban esyepez@sandia....
Sat Feb 14 16:29:08 CST 2009


I have having a hard time finding more information to help me, so I thought I'd ping you both.

I need to x-compile numpy for a new processor. I have a toolchain, and have x-compiled python2.5.4, boost1.37,swig1.38. I just can't figure out how to x-compile numpy. Now I had to play many tricks to get python configured, so I may not have everything I need:
For python,
- I modified the Modules/Setup to build math and other modules that my target doesn't have
- I modified configure so that it wouldn't crash when trying to run test programs
- I modified the makefile so it would not try to build sharedmods

Since Numpy uses python: python setup.py install, I figured that I could just use the host python to perform the build:
>CC=my-gcc-compiler /usr/local/bin/python setup.py install

Any help would be useful. Thanks


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