[Numpy-discussion] parallel compilation of numpy

Christian Heimes lists@cheimes...
Wed Feb 18 20:47:09 CST 2009

David Cournapeau wrote:
> No, and it never will. Parallel builds requires to build with
> dependency handling. Even make does not handle it well: it works most
> of the time by accident, but there are numerous problems (try for
> example building lapack with make -j8 on your 8 cores machine - it
> will give a bogus library 90 % of the time, because it starts building
> static library with ar while some object files are still built).

You may call me naive and ignorant. Is it really that hard to archive
some kind of poor man's concurrency? You don't have to parallelize
everything to get a speed up on multi core machines. Usually the compile
process from C/C++ file to an object files takes up most of the time.

How about

* assemble a list of all C/C++ source files of all extensions.
* compile all source files in parallel
* do the rest (linking etc.) in serial

This should give a nice speed up without much work and without complex
dependency analysis. Do you see a possible pit fall? I don't.


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