[Numpy-discussion] Update webpage for python requirements for Numpy/SciPy

Bruce Southey bsouthey@gmail....
Thu Feb 19 15:24:24 CST 2009

Could someone please update the website to clearly state that numpy 1.2 
requires Python 2.4 or later?
I know it is in the release notes but that assumes people read them :-)

It would be great to state this on the download and installation pages:

Also there should be a mention that nose is required at for testing.

A couple of dated material that I noticed are:

'To build SciPy, Python version 2.3 or newer is required.'

The FAQ page (http://www.scipy.org/FAQ)
NumPy/SciPy installation
NumPy requires the following software installed:
1. Python 2.3.x or 2.4.x or 2.5.x '


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