[Numpy-discussion] Import NumPy in Self-defined function script

Markus Rosenstihl markus.rosenstihl@physik.tu-darmstadt...
Sun Feb 22 17:47:41 CST 2009

Am 23.02.2009 um 00:19 schrieb Tim:

> Hi,
> I am defining a function in file "trainer.py". It requires a module  
> called numpy as following:
> Another script "controller.py" calls this function as:
> [code]#! /usr/bin/env python
> # from numpy import *
     ^ This is a comment, you are not importing numpy!

I think it is generally better to not do

from ... import *

because it messes up the namespace; it can happen that a second module  
overwrites a function from the first module.
This happens for example with:

from numpy import *
from pylab import *

pylab has a "load" function which is not the same as the numpy "load"  

I always use
import numpy as N

Regards Markus

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