[Numpy-discussion] Import NumPy in Self-defined function script

Markus Rosenstihl markus.rosenstihl@physik.tu-darmstadt...
Sun Feb 22 18:05:47 CST 2009

Am 23.02.2009 um 00:59 schrieb Stéfan van der Walt:

> 2009/2/23 Markus Rosenstihl <markus.rosenstihl@physik.tu- 
> darmstadt.de>:
>>> Another script "controller.py" calls this function as:
>>> [code]#! /usr/bin/env python
>>> # from numpy import *
>>    ^ This is a comment, you are not importing numpy!
> But he is also not using numpy in controller.

Yes, the moment I sent the mail I realised that it was not the  
culprit. In fact, on my Mac,
the program runs just fine (considering I use an arbitrary file): it  
does not complain about "zeros"

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