[Numpy-discussion] Call for testing: full blas/lapack builds of numpy on windows 64 bits

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Fri Feb 27 11:31:50 CST 2009


    That's a call for testing for 64 bits windows users out there:
please try the following binary with the test suite:


python -c "import numpy; numpy.test()"

Report any crash. I am particularly interested in vista and higher
versions without visual studio installed - it looks like those cause a
lot of trouble wrt the C runtime. *THIS IS ONLY FOR TESTING* - it is
still far from being stable.


This one is built with free compilers (gcc + gfortran 4.4), and
BLAS/LAPACK built with gfortran. This should enable openmp usage too
(4.4 supports openmp3.0). It also means supporting scipy is not too far
away - there are still some issues with C++, but hopefully, those are
compiler bugs, and all numpy issues will have been sorted out.



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