[Numpy-discussion] building numpy/scipy

josef.pktd@gmai... josef.pktd@gmai...
Sat Jan 3 21:40:28 CST 2009

Make sure that when you import scipy that you get the correct version.

>>> import scipy
>>> scipy.__file__

>From your error messages, I would think python is loading the source
distribution and not the compiled and installed version. It would be
helpful to see your actual error messages from nose, with copy and
paste, at least the first few and last parts of the nose tests. Your
summary error message is not very helpful because it doesn't show your
actual error path and trace backs.

When I installed the 0.7.0 b1 superpack on WindowsXP, it worked out of
the box. The only thing to do, before installing a new version of
numpy or scipy, is to uninstall or delete any old version in
site-packages, since the directory names of scipy and numpy do not
include version numbers. Installing on top of an old version, can
leave some old files around which sometimes cause errors.


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