[Numpy-discussion] memmap from fd?

Neal Becker ndbecker2@gmail....
Sun Jan 11 20:23:01 CST 2009

Robert Kern wrote:

> That's a fair point. However, given the wider range of issues that you
> had in trying to get memmap to work with your device, perhaps we
> should just state that the memmap class is intended for the common use
> case of regular files. The detection of the existing file size is
> quite useful in that case. For special files where seek() et al. might
> have different semantics, one should either subclass memmap to get the
> behavior you need, or simply use frombuffer() or ndarray() on the mmap
> object directly. The two reasons for the memmap class are the
> auto-length-detection and tracking the lifetime of the open file. The
> former you don't need (and can't do), and the latter isn't that hard
> to do yourself.
> Does that sound reasonable?

Hmm.  frombuffer sounds nice, but python mmap doesn't expose buffer interface (I just added a feature request for this).  I suppose I could write my own mmap module.

I couldn't find the reference to ndarray().  Any pointer?

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