[Numpy-discussion] Help with interpolating missing values from a 3D scanner

David Bolme bolme1234@comcast....
Thu Jan 15 16:55:38 CST 2009

I am working on a face recognition using 3D data from a special 3D  
imaging system.  For those interested the data comes from the FRGC  
2004 dataset.  The problem I am having is that for some pixels the  
scanner fails to capture depth information.  The result is that the  
image has missing values.  There are small regions on the face such as  
eyebrows and eyes that are missing the depth information.  I would  
like to fill in these region by interpolating from nearby pixels but I  
am not sure of the best way to do that.

I currently have two arrays:

* floating point array with depth information (missing data is encoded  
as a large negative number -999999.0)
* boolean array that is a missing data mask

I have some ideas on how to solve this problem but I am hoping that  
someone on this list may have more experience with this type of  
missing data problem.

* Are there any utilities in scipy/numpy designed for this type of  
missing data problem?
* If not does any one have suggestions on how I should proceed?

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