[Numpy-discussion] Singular Matrix problem with Matplitlib in Numpy (Windows - AMD64)

George gwg@emss.co...
Fri Jan 16 08:07:48 CST 2009


I am terribly sorry. I was mistaken last night. I had the latest Matplotlib
version and I thought the bug was fixed but it hasn't. Let me explain.

In the file MPL_isnan.h line 26 there is a declaration:

typedef long int                             MPL_Int64

This is fine for Linux 64-bit, but NOT for Windows XP 64-bit! For Windows the 
declaration should be:

typedef long long                            MPL_Int64

This bug has caused me a LOT of late nights and last night was one of them. The
declaration is correct for Linux 64-bit and I guess Matplotlib was developed on 
Linux because of this declaration. That is also why I thought the bug was fixed
but this morning I realised that I was looking at the wrong console.

So, in summary. For Matplotlib and Numpy 1.2.1 to work without any 
problems. This means compiling and using Numpy and Matplotlib on Windows XP 
64-bit using AMD 64-bit compile environment, change line 26 in the file
MPL_isnan.h from long int to long long.\

I also previously suggested switching MKL and ACML etc. but with this change
everything is fine. One can choose any math library and it works.

Writing a small test application using sizeof on different platforms highlights
the problem.



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