[Numpy-discussion] Singular Matrix problem with Matplitlib in Numpy (Windows - AMD64)

Andrew Straw strawman@astraw....
Fri Jan 16 12:38:01 CST 2009

John Hunter wrote:
> Andrew, since you are the original author of the isnan port, could you
> patch the branch and the trunk to take care of this?

Done in r6791 and r6792.

Sorry for the trouble.

Now I just hope we don't get a problem with "long long", although now if
_ISOC99_SOURCE is defined, we'll preferentially use "int64_t" out of
<stdint.h>, so I should think this is more portable on sane platforms.

This one of many reasons why I stick to Python...

> On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 8:07 AM, George <gwg@emss.co.za> wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I am terribly sorry. I was mistaken last night. I had the latest Matplotlib
>> version and I thought the bug was fixed but it hasn't. Let me explain.
>> In the file MPL_isnan.h line 26 there is a declaration:
>> typedef long int                             MPL_Int64
>> This is fine for Linux 64-bit, but NOT for Windows XP 64-bit! For Windows the
>> declaration should be:
>> typedef long long                            MPL_Int64
>> This bug has caused me a LOT of late nights and last night was one of them. The
>> declaration is correct for Linux 64-bit and I guess Matplotlib was developed on
>> Linux because of this declaration. That is also why I thought the bug was fixed
>> but this morning I realised that I was looking at the wrong console.
>> So, in summary. For Matplotlib and Numpy 1.2.1 to work without any
>> problems. This means compiling and using Numpy and Matplotlib on Windows XP
>> 64-bit using AMD 64-bit compile environment, change line 26 in the file
>> MPL_isnan.h from long int to long long.\
>> I also previously suggested switching MKL and ACML etc. but with this change
>> everything is fine. One can choose any math library and it works.
>> Writing a small test application using sizeof on different platforms highlights
>> the problem.
>> Thanks.
>> George.
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