[Numpy-discussion] ANN: Numexpr 1.1, an efficient array evaluator

Ted Horst ted.horst@earthlink....
Fri Jan 16 22:54:42 CST 2009

Note that Apple has a similar library called vForce:


I think these libraries use several techniques and are not necessarily  
dependent on SSE.  The apple versions appear to only support float and  
double (no complex), and I don't see anything about strided arrays.   
At one point I thought there was talk of adding support for vForce  
into the respective ufuncs.  I don't know if anybody followed up on  

On 2009-01-16, at 10:48, Francesc Alted wrote:

> Wow, pretty nice speed-ups indeed!  In fact I was thinking in  
> including
> support for threading in Numexpr (I don't think it would be too
> difficult, but let's see).  BTW, do you know how VML is able to  
> achieve
> a speedup of 6x for a sin() function?  I suppose this is because they
> are using SSE instructions, but, are these also available for 64-bit
> double precision items?

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