[Numpy-discussion] ANN: Numexpr 1.1.1 available

Francesc Alted faltet@pytables....
Fri Jan 23 07:46:02 CST 2009

 Announcing Numexpr 1.1.1

Numexpr is a fast numerical expression evaluator for NumPy.  With it,
expressions that operate on arrays (like "3*a+4*b") are accelerated
and use less memory than doing the same calculation in Python.

This is a bug-fix release, where the next issues have been addressed:

- The case for multidimensional array operands is properly accelerated
  now.  Added a new benchmark (based on a script provided by Andrew
  Collette, thanks!) for easily testing this case in the future.
  Closes #12.

- Added a fix to avoid the caches in numexpr to grow too much.  The
  dictionary caches are kept now always with less than 256 entries.
  Closes #11.

- The VERSION file is correctly copied now (support for it was not
  present in the 1.1 tar file, don't know exactly why).  Closes #8.

- The package is accessible now from PyPI, so that people from 'evil'
  countries can access it too.

In case you want to know more in detail what has changed in this
version, have a look at ``RELEASE_NOTES.txt`` in the tarball.

Where I can find Numexpr?

The project is hosted at Google code in:


And you can get the packages from PyPI as well:


How it works?



for a detailed description by the original author of Numexpr (David M.

Share your experience

Let us know of any bugs, suggestions, gripes, kudos, etc. you may


Francesc Alted

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