[Numpy-discussion] Bug with mafromtxt

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Sat Jan 24 17:10:22 CST 2009

Thanks for reporting. An idea would be to force the dtype of the  
masked column to the largest dtype of the other columns (in your  
example, that would be int). I'll try to see how easily it can be done  
early next week. Meanwhile, you can always give an explicit dtype at  

On Jan 24, 2009, at 5:58 PM, Ryan May wrote:

> Pierre,
> I've found what I consider to be a bug in the new mafromtxt (though  
> apparently it
> existed in earlier versions as well).  If you have an entire column  
> of data in a
> file that contains only masked data, and try to get mafromtxt to  
> automatically
> choose the dtype, the dtype gets selected to be object type.  In  
> this case, I'd
> think the better behavior would be float, but I'm not sure how hard  
> it would be
> to make this the case.  Here's a test case:
> import numpy as np
> from StringIO import StringIO
> s = StringIO('1 2 3\n4 5 6\n')
> a = np.mafromtxt(s, missing='2,5', dtype=None)
> print a.dtype
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