[Numpy-discussion] glibc error

Michael Abshoff michael.abshoff@googlemail....
Sun Jan 25 04:46:10 CST 2009

David Cournapeau wrote:
> Hoyt Koepke wrote:


> Actually, I would advise using only 3.8.2. Previous versions had bugs
> for some core routines used by numpy (at least 3.8.0 did). I am a bit
> surprised that a 64 bits-built atlas would be runnable at all in a 32
> bits binary - I would expect the link phase to fail if two different
> object formats are linked together.

Linking 32 and 64 bit ELF objects together in an extension will fail on 
any system but OSX where the ld will happily link together anything. 
Since that linker also does missing symbol lookup at runtime you will 
see some surprising distutils bugs when you thought that the build went 
perfectly, i.e. scipy 0.6 would not use the fortran compiler I would 
tell it to use, but one extension would use gfortran instead of 
sage_fortran when it was available in $PATH. sage_fortran would would 
just inject an "-m64" into the options and call gfortran. But with a few 
fortran objects being 32 bit some extensions in scipy would fail to 
import and it took me quite a while to track this one down. I haven't 
had time to test 0.7rc2 yet, but hopefully will do so in the next day or 

> cheers,
> David



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