[Numpy-discussion] recfunctions.stack_arrays

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Tue Jan 27 16:00:42 CST 2009

On Jan 27, 2009, at 4:23 PM, Ryan May wrote:

> I definitely wouldn't advocate magic by default, but I think it  
> would be nice to
> be able to get the functionality if one wanted to.

OK. Put on the TODO list.

> There is one problem I
> noticed, however.  I found common_type and lib.mintypecode, but both  
> raise errors
> when trying to find a dtype to match both bool and float.  I don't  
> know if
> there's another function somewhere that would work for what I want.

I'm not familiar with these functions, I'll check that.
> Apparently, I get my error as a result of my use of titles in the  
> dtype to store
> an alternate name for the field.  (If you're not familiar with  
> titles, they're
> nice because you can get fields by either name, so for the following  
> example,
> a['a'] and a['A'] both return array([1]).)  The following version of  
> your case
> gives me the ValueError:

Ah OK. You found a bug. There's a frustrating feature of dtypes:  
dtype.names doesn't always match [_[0] for _ in dtype.descr].

> As a side question, do you have some local mods to your numpy SVN so  
> that some of
> the functions in recfunctions are available in numpy's top level?

Probably. I used the develop option of setuptools to install numpy on  
a virtual environment.

> On mine, I
> can't get to them except by importing them from  
> numpy.lib.recfunctions.  I don't
> see any mention of recfunctions in lib/__init__.py.

Well, till some problems are ironed out, I'm not really in favor of  
advertising them too much...

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