[Numpy-discussion] A buildbot farm with shell access - for free ?

Christian Heimes lists@cheimes...
Thu Jan 29 07:36:07 CST 2009

David Cournapeau wrote:
> It is said in the email that this is reserved to the python project, and
> prominent python projects like Twisted and Django. Would it be ok to try
> to be qualified as a prominent python project as well ?

Give it some time. Nobody - not even the Python core devs - have access
to the machines. It's going to take at least several weeks to get the
infrastructure running and to establish a policy.

>From my perspective NumPy and Sage both count as prominent Python
projects. Heck, you are in competition with tools like Matlab and you
ain't looking bad! Furthermore you could make better use of the machines
than Django because you are using way more C extensions and esoteric

I recommend you subscribe to the snakebite list and bring up your
interest. You got my +1 already. For now the list is
snakebite-list@googlegroups.com but it will move to another server
(probably Python.org) eventually.


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