[Numpy-discussion] Ironclad 0.8 released

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Thu Jan 29 17:46:31 CST 2009

Hello William,

> * A few performance improvements.
> * Over 900 NumPy tests now pass: in fact, almost all the tests from the 
> core, fft, lib, linalg, ma, oldnumeric and random subpackages.
I have some questions here for the science interested. I hope that they 
are not too specific:

* Can you also use scipy with IronClad/ResolverOne (RO)?
* Can you recognize arrays with datetime objects in RO?
* How is datetime information handled in RO?
* What about rpy?

If all the above were working in RO, it would be terrific!

> Ironclad grows more stable and mature with every release, and I urge 
> IronPython users to try it out and share their impressions: feedback, 
> whether positive or negative, is always welcomed.
You may find some information here:

I would also recommend this nice & straightforward video

Kind regards,

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