[Numpy-discussion] example reading binary Fortran file

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Fri Jan 30 11:30:34 CST 2009

> If you want to be completely safe, read the file in Fortran, then send 
> it as an array to Python (use f2py). Aside from that, assuming your 
> compiler only writes the raw bytes in Fortran order to the file:

Careful -- the last time I read a Fortran-=written binary file, I found 
that the various structures (is that what you call them in Fortran?) 
were padded with I think 4 bytes.

I did it by reading through the file bit by bit and parsing it out with 
the struct module. Not very efficient, but easy to control.

In that case, there were a bunch of tings written, where a few values 
described the size of the next array, then the array, etc. If you've got 
a single array, it'll be easier.

You might start that way, and then, when you've got it figured out, 
translate to fromfile().


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