[Numpy-discussion] Add/multiply reduction confusion

Andrew Friedley afriedle@indiana....
Sun Jul 5 13:47:18 CDT 2009

Stéfan van der Walt wrote:
> 2009/7/5 Andrew Friedley <afriedle@indiana.edu>:
>> I found the check that does the type 'upcasting' in
>> umath_ufunc_object.inc around line 3072 (NumPy 1.3.0).  Turns out all I
>> need to do is make sure my add and multiply ufuncs are actually named
>> 'add' and 'multiply' and arrays will be upcasted appropriately.

> Would you please be so kind as to add your findings here:
> http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/docs/numpy-docs/reference/index.rst/#reference-index
> I haven't read through that document recently, so it may be in there already.

I created an account (afriedle) but looks like I don't have edit 

The user-side upcasting behavior for add/multiply is documented (though 
a little hidden) in the long paragraph right before the 'Available 
ufuncs' section.


I'm thinking something should be added on the C API side though, perhaps 
on the 'name' parameter of PyUFunc_FromFuncAndData():


I would say something to the effect of (I borrowed from the user-side 
blurb :) :

Specifying a name of 'add' or 'multiply' enables a special behavior for 
integer-typed reductions when no dtype is given.  If the input type is 
an integer (or boolean) data type smaller than the size of the int_ data 
type, it will be internally upcast to the int_ (or uint) data type.


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