[Numpy-discussion] custom allocation of numpy array

Trevor Clarke trevor@notcows....
Tue Jul 7 17:50:27 CDT 2009

I'm embedding python and numpy in a C++ program and I want to share some
data owned by C++. I'm able to get the allocation/deallocation and memory
sharing working for a contiguous array. However, I have non-contiguous data
(random sub-array locations, not a fixed skip factor) and I may not have all
of the data in memory at any given time. The data is quite large (200gb is
not uncommon) so I need to load and access on-demand. I've already got a
paging system in-place which obtains a contiguous sub-array on-demand and
I'd like to use this with numpy. I've looked at the memmap array code and
that's not sufficient as the files are compressed so a simple memmap won't

My initial thought is to tell numpy that the entire array is available and
intercept the access requests and load as necessary. I'd rather load larger
sub-arrays at a time instead of each individual access. Any thoughts?
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