[Numpy-discussion] Problem with ML subscriptions?

Peter numpy-discussion@maubp.freeserve.co...
Wed Jul 8 17:01:55 CDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Fons Adriaensen<fons@kokkinizita.net> wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 05, 2009 at 12:22:37AM +0200, Stéfan van der Walt wrote:
>> 2009/7/5 Pauli Virtanen <pav+sp@iki.fi>:
>> > 2009-07-04 22:52 +0200, Fons Adriaensen <fons@kokkinizita.net> wrote:
>> > [clip]
>> >> I subscribed to numpy-discussion almost two days ago.
>> >> I do receive messages from the list, but the ones I post
>> >> don't appear. I wrote to numpy-discussion-owner@scipy.org
>> >> but got no response so far. So it looks that either this
>> >> list doesn't want me or there is some other problem.
>> >> Anyway it seems impossible to reach the right people.
>> >
>> > I don't think I am able to help you here. Forwarding this to the ML, so
>> > the list admins know.
>> I've CC'd Peter Wang, who is currently the most knowledgeable about that setup.
> Many thanks !
> Five days after being subscribed to this list the
> situation has not changed.
> - My message (send now four times) still doesn't
>  appear on the list.

This message did.

> - I don't get any mail bounce messages.

That could be your ISP's fault.

> - I don't get any 'your message is waiting to be
>  approved by the list moderator' messages,

Once you are subscribed, there is no moderation.

> - I've got no reply at all from anyone in charge
>  of this list.
> Apparently, whoever is managing numpy-discussion
> doesn't care very much about it. So I have no choice
> but to unsubscribe and forget about numpy. It would
> have been a nice framework for what I want to do -
> the messages I've received so far just confirm that.
> But with this level of support I'd better look for
> an alternative.

We don't know if the mailing list team ever got your
emails. It's pretty hard to give someone support if
you don't know about their request.

Anyway - fingers crossed the list is working for you

(just another NumPy user)

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