[Numpy-discussion] speeding up an array operation

Mag Gam magawake@gmail....
Thu Jul 9 00:12:16 CDT 2009

Hey All

I am reading thru a file and trying to store the values into another
array, but instead of storing the values 1 by 1, I would like to store
them in bulk sets for optimization purposes.

Here is what I have, which does it 1x1:

z={}  #dictionary
for i,row in enumerate(r):

  if p not in z:

  arr[p]['chem'][z[p]]=tuple(row) #this loads the array 1 x 1

I would like to avoid the 1x1 loading, instead I would like to bulk
load the array. Lets say load up 5million lines into memory and then
push into array. Any ideas on how to do that?


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