[Numpy-discussion] Scipy Conference 2009 Lecture Recordings

Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes@crystal.harvard....
Thu Jul 16 10:20:22 CDT 2009

I too am interested in this option, but for understandable reasons the 
conference committee aren't able to organize this extra work.  I had 
approached them about it a month ago, but was told some committed 
volunteer would need to take this on.

Since there aren't parallel sessions, a "low-tech" way to do this would 
be for some conference attendee to volunteer to do this with EVO 
http://evo.vrvs.org/ and a web-cam.  EVO produces files that are about 1 
MB/minute (although this is tunable depending on resolution and frame 
rate), but because they combine multiple streams in a custom format, 
they can only be played back by EVO Player (re-broadcast is fine).  EVO 
can also do live webcasting, chat, and screen sharing, if it is used by 
the session presenter.  EVO and EVO player are both free and are Java 
apps that run on any platform (JNLP/web-start based).

The trickier part is figuring out how to securely distribute this (or 
enable access to live webcasts), and to be sure all presenters are OK 
with their work being recorded and redistributed in this way.\

The good news is that EVO is developed by a team at Caltech where the 
conference is taking place.


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