[Numpy-discussion] Scipy Conference 2009 Lecture Recordings

Fons Adriaensen fons@kokkinizita....
Thu Jul 16 16:05:12 CDT 2009

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 12:27:03PM -0400, Ian Stokes-Rees wrote:

> But keep in mind there are costs to running the event, and an associated 
> registration fee.  It seems only fair that any webcasting or recording 
> only be made available at some cost to the viewers.  I would be happy to 
> pay the full conference + tutorial fee for access to this -- it is the 
> food + hotel + flight that means I cannot attend.  I'm sure others are 
> in the same boat these days.

I've no idea of the size of this event, and a lot would depend on that.
I organised this year's Linux Audio Conference in Parma, Italy, and 
managed to keep it free (as free beer) - there was no registration fee.
All presentations were also streamed (audio and video) live without any
cost to whoever would want to watch them. Attendants did pay only for 
optional things such as the concerts and the (very informal) conference
dinner. And of course for their own transport and accomodation in Parma.

But yes, this depends on a lot of dedication and hard work of a team of
volunteers, on some sponsoring, and on an institution willing to host the
event because it fits both to their mission and within their schedule.



Io lo dico sempre: l'Italia è troppo stretta e lunga.

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