[Numpy-discussion] Not enough storage for memmap on 32 bit WinXP for accumulated file size above approx. 1 GB

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Jul 27 05:28:21 CDT 2009

Kim Hansen wrote:
> The machine is new and shiny with loads of processing power and many
> TB of HDD storage. I am however bound to 32 bits Win XP OS as there
> are some other costum made third-party and very expensive applications
> running on that machine (which generate the large files I analyze),
> which can only run on 32 bits, oh well....

Windows 64 bits can run 32 bits applications - very few applications are
64 bits to this day (For example, even the most recent visual studio
(2008) do not run in 64 bits AFAIK). But scipy does not work on windows
64 bits ATM - although numpy does without problem if you build it by


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