[Numpy-discussion] Timeline for 1.4.0 and installer for Windows64bit ?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Fri Jul 31 06:12:55 CDT 2009

Dinesh B Vadhia wrote:
> A suggestion: 
> How about releasing Numpy for the AMD64 version first (without Scipy)
> and then follow up with a later release with Scipy support?  This
> would satisfy Numpy-only users which can't be a bad thing rather than
> having a version that is not usable (I believe) by either Numpy or
> Scipy users.

Because scipy needs code I would pull out from numpy. You can build
numpy for amd64 by yourself at the moment, BTW. I am afraid that
distributing one numpy binary now would only makes things more confusing
when scipy for amd64 will be out, as it will not work with this numpy,
but only with a later one.



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