[Numpy-discussion] Inquiry Regarding F2PY Windows Content

Carl, Andrew F (AS) a.carl@ngc....
Wed Jun 10 10:30:38 CDT 2009

Then how about known combinations of version numbers for g77/gcc,
python, and numpy? The gist would be to convey something that is known
too work together. Some of the "magic" under the hood is looking at
system environmental variables, and the Intel fortran compiler flags
wreak havoc, requiring the uninstall of the intel compiler to prevent
corruption of the gnu95 setup w/ gfortran. Something on where to look to
see whats going on would be helpful!


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Carl, Andrew F (AS) wrote:
> Would it be a reasonable request, that the "F2PY Windows" web page 
> contain known combinations of version numbers for Python, Numpy and 
> Gfortran verified to play nice? Some references as to queried compiler

> system environmental variables would be useful also.
I have added some numpy.distutils support for gfortran on windows, but
Windows + gfortran  + numpy is unlikely to work well unless you build
numpy by yourself with gfortran. I have actually been considering a move
to gfortran for windows builds, but I would prefer waiting mingw to
officially support for gcc 4.* series.


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