[Numpy-discussion] numpy and python 2.6 on windows: please test

James Watson watson.jim@gmail....
Tue Mar 3 06:10:55 CST 2009

> I would appreciate if people would test building numpy
> (trunk); in particular since some issues are moderately complex and
> system dependent

On Vista with VS2008, numpy rev r6535, I get the following behaviour:
1. Building and installing numpy on python 2.6.1 compiled in debug
mode succeeds, but 'import numpy' returns 'ImportError: No module
named multiarray'.
2. Building and installing numpy using python compiled in release mode
succeeds, 'import numpy' succeeds, but 'numpy.test()' crashes the

When running in a debug version of python, 'from numpy.core import
multiarray' raises an ImportError, but this does not happen with the
release version, where multiarray functions seem to work.

Could this be related to the PyImport_Import and PyImport_ImportModule
changes made in 2.6 (bottom of


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