[Numpy-discussion] Proposed schedule for numpy 1.3.0

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Mar 3 12:14:38 CST 2009


    A few weeks ago, we had a discussion about the 1.3.0 release schedule, but
we did not end up stating a schedule. I stand up to be the release
manager for 1.3.0, and suggest the following:

Beta: 15th March (only doc + severe regressions accepted after, branch
trunk into 1.3.x, trunk opened for 1.4.0)
RC: 23th March (nothing but build issues/blockers)
Release date: 1st April

If you are in the middle of something important with a lot of changes,
and you don't think you can make it for 15th March, please notify ASAP,
in particular for C code (the exact dates can be changed in that case).
What constitutes severe regression and blocker issues is decided by the
release manager.

I also started to update the release notes:


Please fill it for missing informations (in particular for
documentation, and ma, which I have not followed in detail).



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