[Numpy-discussion] Faster way to generate a rotation matrix?

Hoyt Koepke hoytak@gmail....
Wed Mar 4 20:10:22 CST 2009

You can get even more of a speed up with a couple tricks, though they
might not be noticeable.  The following is my modified version of your

import numpy as np
cimport cython
from numpy cimport ndarray, empty

cdef extern from "math.h":
   double cos(double)
   double sin(double)

def rotation(ndarray[double] theta):
   # I think the syntax for empty is the same in the cimported
numpy.pxd, should check
   cdef ndarray[double, ndim=2, mode="c"] R = empty( (3,3) )

   cdef double cx = cos(theta[0]), cy = cos(theta[1]), cz = cos(theta[2])
   cdef double sx = sin(theta[0]), sy = sin(theta[1]), sz = sin(theta[2])

   with cython.boundscheck(False):
      R[0,0] = cx*cz - sx*cy*sz
      R[0,1] = cx*sz + sx*cy*cz
      R[0,2] = sx*sy

      R[1,0] = -sx*cz - cx*cy*sz
      R[1,1] = -sx*sz + cx*cy*cz
      R[1,2] = cx*sy

      R[2,0] = sy*sz
      R[2,1] = -sy*cz
      R[2,2] = cy

   return R

+ Hoyt Koepke
+ University of Washington Department of Statistics
+ http://www.stat.washington.edu/~hoytak/
+ hoytak@gmail.com

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