[Numpy-discussion] A module for homogeneous transformation matrices, Euler angles and quaternions

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor@utoronto...
Wed Mar 4 21:28:25 CST 2009

Looks cool but a lot of this should be done in an extension module to
make it fast.  Perhaps starting this process off as a separate entity
until stability is acheived.  I would be tempted to do some of this
using cython.  I just wrote found that generating a rotation matrix
from euler angles is about 10x faster when done properly with cython.


On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 5:10 PM, Gareth Elston
<gareth.elston.floss@googlemail.com> wrote:
> I found a nice module for these transforms at
> http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/code/transformations.py.html . I've
> been using an older version for some time and thought it might make a
> good addition to numpy/scipy. I made some simple mods to the older
> version to add a couple of functions I needed and to allow it to be
> used with Python 2.4.
> The module is pure Python (2.5, with numpy 1.2 imported), includes
> doctests, and is BSD licensed. Here's the first part of the module
> docstring:
> """Homogeneous Transformation Matrices and Quaternions.
> A library for calculating 4x4 matrices for translating, rotating, mirroring,
> scaling, shearing, projecting, orthogonalizing, and superimposing arrays of
> homogenous coordinates as well as for converting between rotation matrices,
> Euler angles, and quaternions.
> """
> I'd like to see this added to numpy/scipy so I know I've got some
> reading to do (scipy.org/Developer_Zone and the huge scipy-dev
> discussions on Scipy development infrastructure / workflow) to make
> sure it follows the guidelines, but where would people like to see
> this? In numpy? scipy? scikits? elsewhere?
> I seem to remember that there was a first draft of a guide for
> developers being written. Are there any links available?
> Thanks,
> Gareth.
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