[Numpy-discussion] Portable macro to get NAN, INF, positive and negative zero

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Mar 11 01:43:22 CDT 2009


    For the record, I have just added the following functionalities to
numpy, which may simplify some C code:
    - NPY_NAN/NPY_INFINITY/NPY_PZERO/NPY_NZERO: macros to get nan, inf,
positive and negative zeros. Rationale: some code use NAN, _get_nan,
etc... NAN is a GNU C extension, INFINITY is not available on many C
compilers. The NPY_ macros are defined from the IEEE754 format, and as
such should be very fast (the values should be inlined).
    - we can now use inline safely in numpy C code: it is defined to
something recognized by the compiler or nothing if inline is not
supported. It is NOT defined publicly to avoid namespace pollution.
    - NPY_INLINE is a macro which can be used publicly, and has the same
usage as inline.



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