[Numpy-discussion] Intel MKL on Core2 system

Ryan May rmay31@gmail....
Wed Mar 11 13:15:49 CDT 2009


I noticed the following in numpy/distutils/system_info.py while trying to
get numpy to build against MKL:

            if cpu.is_Itanium():
                plt = '64'
                #l = 'mkl_ipf'
            elif cpu.is_Xeon():
                plt = 'em64t'
                #l = 'mkl_em64t'
                plt = '32'
                #l = 'mkl_ia32'

So in the autodetection for MKL, the only way to get plt (platform) set to
'em64t' is to test true for a Xeon.  This function returns false on my Core2
Duo system, even though the platform is very much 'em64t'.  I think that
check should instead read:

elif cpu.is_Xeon() or cpu.is_Core2():



Ryan May
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School of Meteorology
University of Oklahoma
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