[Numpy-discussion] Intel MKL on Core2 system

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Thu Mar 12 08:42:05 CDT 2009

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 3:05 AM, Francesc Alted <faltet@pytables.org> wrote:

> A Wednesday 11 March 2009, Ryan May escrigué:
> > Thanks.  That's actually pretty close to what I had.  I was actually
> > thinking that you were using only blas_opt and lapack_opt, since
> > supposedly the [mkl] style section is deprecated.  Thus far, I cannot
> > get these to work with MKL.
> Well, my configuration was thought to link with the VML integrated in
> the MKL, but I'd say that it would be similar for blas and lapack.
> What's you configuration?  What's the error you are running into?

I can get it working now with either the [mkl] section like your config or
the following config:

include_dirs = /opt/intel/mkl/
library_dirs = /opt/intel/mkl/

libraries = mkl_gf_lp64, mkl_gnu_thread, mkl_core, iomp5

libraries = mkl_lapack, mkl_gf_lp64, mkl_gnu_thread, mkl_core, iomp5

It's just confusing I guess because if I change blas and lapack to blas_opt
and lapack_opt, I cannot get it to work.  The only reason I even care is
that site.cfg.example leads me to believe that the *_opt sections are the
way you're supposed to add them.


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