[Numpy-discussion] numpy via easy_install on windows

Jon Wright wright@esrf...
Fri Mar 13 13:15:20 CDT 2009

David Cournapeau wrote:
> I now remember that numpy could not be built from sources by
> easy_install, but I believe we fixed the problem. Would you mind using
> on a recent svn checkout ? I would like this to be fixed if that's
> still a problem,

With the current svn (6661) I can build using mingw32, install in a 
virtualenv and create an egg which can be pulled in as a dependency. 
Thanks a lot for all your hard work to make this possible!

What I want is a simpler way to install things for people to try out our 
programs. We currently have dependencies on at least numpy, matplotlib, 
PIL, Pmw and PyOpenGl and having to go through a series of 6 different 
installations can be a bit intimidating. Any suggestions as to how best 
to distribute such a beast is most welcome.

Perhaps it is just a question of having the "superpack" named in so that 
setuptools recognises it as the file it is supposed to go fetch for 
windows? Or maybe better for us to just deliver a "basket of eggs"?

Many thanks for any advice,


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