[Numpy-discussion] random number generator--problems?

JJ josh8912@yahoo....
Fri Mar 13 13:16:01 CDT 2009

I just ran across this article saying that the random number generator in Linux is broken.  


The article starts:
<<The main purpose of this note is to exhibit a defect in the Linux C and C++ standard library pseudo-random number generator rand and the Linux/UNIX
system-library generator random. Since Linux rand and Linux/UNIX random
use identical algorithms, we will use “random” to refer to both. The defect
is uncovered when random fails a simple empirical test.>>

As I understand it, Numpy uses a different random number generator (Mersenne Twister), but I just wanted to verify that any problems with the Linux random number generators do not apply to Numpy.  Can someone please verify this?



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