[Numpy-discussion] numpy via easy_install on windows

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Fri Mar 13 14:22:13 CDT 2009

David Cournapeau wrote:
> It depends on how much resource you can spend on it, but if I were to
> distribute things on windows, I would build a msi/bdist_wininst of
> every package, and wrap this into another installer (which is almost
> exactly what the superpack does).

This would stomp on the person's existing python installation -- which 
is the point of virtualenv -- no none should use the system python for 
stuff that they distribute this way. So virtualenv or perhaps 
distributing all of python too, and putting it in a unique location, is 
the way to go.

Another option is py2exe, bbfreeze, PyInstaller.

They will install everything needed. I think bbfreeze even supplies a 
custom interpreter, so you can essentially build a custom python distro 
with it.


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