[Numpy-discussion] How to force a particular windows numpy installation?

Francesc Alted faltet@pytables....
Thu Mar 19 03:20:45 CDT 2009

A Thursday 19 March 2009, V.A. Solé escrigué:
> Hello,
> Recent versions of binary numpy installers try to detect the target
> CPU in order to select the proper extensions.
> My problem is that I am distributing frozen versions of an analysis
> code and I would like to target the widest range of CPUs.
> If I install numpy 1.3.0b1 the installer installs
> numpy-1.3.0b1-sse2.exe.
> Am I right to suppose the frozen application will not run on non sse2
> machines? (Old Athlon XP for example)
> Is it possible to force the binary installer to use a different CPU
> (for instance just sse1)?

From the NumPy 1.3.0b1 announcement:

Arch option for windows binary

Automatic arch detection can now be bypassed from the command line for
the superpack installed:

        numpy-1.3.0-superpack-win32.exe /arch=nosse

will install a numpy which works on any x86, even if the running 
computer supports SSE set.


Francesc Alted

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