[Numpy-discussion] data software,chemometricas, GUI and scikit

giorgio.luciano@inwi... giorgio.luciano@inwi...
Fri Mar 20 08:14:06 CDT 2009

Dear All,
we are proceeding with the building of our data analysis software and 
also not raise licensing problem we are splitting the “core” part and the GUI 
part. We will try open a scikit for scipy for chemometrics and we are trying to 
port all the essential routines that already exist.
One question that raised 
for the GUI is  what kind of backend to use. 
Matplotlib seems a very good 
choice but since for the 3d part we want to use Mayavi, we asked ourself why 
not using Chaco.
Can someone help us in the choice highlighting the pro and 
contra ?
Thanks in advance and also all the people that want to help in the 
scikit  are very welcome.


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