[Numpy-discussion] numscons missing directory?

Sul, Young L Sul@hcp.med.harvard....
Fri Mar 20 10:30:52 CDT 2009




There is this:

root@nightingale # ls -F
__init__.py*            core/                   numdist/                tools/
__init__.pyc            misc.py*                testcode_snippets.py*   version.py*
checkers/               misc.pyc                testcode_snippets.pyc   version.pyc

I'm not clear on what you mean by setuptools (I'm new to the python world)? I do see a directory called setuptoops in site-packages, and it says


Thanks for all your help!


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2009/3/20 Sul, Young L <Sul@hcp.med.harvard.edu>:

> Numscons, however, throws an error and complains about a missing directory.
> It seems that the scons-local directory is not created (see below). Am I
> missing a step? I’m assuming the scons-local directory should be created
> when numscons is installed.

Yes, it should. You are not the first person to report this, but
everytime I try to reproduce it, I can't, and get numscons correctly
installed. That's really weird. As a temporary workaround, you may
install from sources.

Which version of setuptools are you using ? Can you confirm that the
numscons/scons-local directory is empty (it should contain a scons


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