[Numpy-discussion] more on that missing directory

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Fri Mar 20 20:19:47 CDT 2009


2009/3/21 Sul, Young L <Sul@hcp.med.harvard.edu>:
> Hi,
> (I’m on a Solaris 10 intel system, and am trying to use the sunperf
> libraries)
> An immediate problem is that some files seem to have embedded ^Ms in them. I
> had to clean and rerun a few times before numpy installed.

Could you tell me what those files are ? In numscons or numpy ? Those
files should be fixed, neither numpy or numscons should have any CRF
types of end of lines.

> Now, I am trying to install scipy via numscons. It looked like it was going
> to work, but it barfed. From the output it looks like whatever is building
> the compile commands forgot to add the cc command at the beginning of the
> line (see below. I’ve highlighted the barf).

Yes, it is a bug in scons - its way of looking for compilers is buggy
on solaris. I will look into it later today (I don't have a solaris
installation in handy ATM),



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