[Numpy-discussion] Doc update for 1.3.0?

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sat Mar 21 19:58:13 CDT 2009

Hi all, (esp. David)

Is there still time for a merge from the doc wiki for 1.3.x?

Stefan already merged several reviewed docstrings a while ago. My current 
worry is that there's quite a bit good work still in there that would be 
useful to have in 1.3.0, but which, despite being an improvement over the 
what we have now, is not perfect.

The only issue is actually cherry-picking "good" changes:

    - The new version should be a (possibly slight) improvement over
      the old one
    - No inappropriate content (eg. malicious doctests)

Previously, I did the cherry-picking just by reading through the full 
patch, but now I added a feature to the doc wiki that allows to 
parallelize this:

    1. Go to http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/patch/
    2. Click on a link in the patch list. This shows a diff vs. SVN
    3. See if the change makes sense
    4. Change "OK to apply" to Yes or No, accordingly.

This serves a separate purpose from the review system and is separate 
from it: OK to Apply indicates that a docstring revision is "better than 
previously", whereas the review system indicates whether it is "perfect".

I'm doing a first pass through them. I invite other people who have the 
reviewer permissions to check my judgment.

Comments or suggestions?

Pauli Virtanen

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