[Numpy-discussion] more on that missing directory

Sul, Young L Sul@hcp.med.harvard....
Tue Mar 24 15:33:47 CDT 2009

The following is a list of files that have ^Ms in them.

I did an svn checkout of the latest stuff today and ran  "grep -Ril ^M *" in numpy and scipy

scipy seems to have more embedded feeds than numpy. It also seems that whatever 'builds' the files to be compiled in scipy is the thing that is embedding the linefeeds prior to the compile. (I tried cleaning them out, but re-running numscons overwrites the cleaned up files).

I have attached to this message a list of the files that have embedded feeds still in them.
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2009/3/21 Sul, Young L <Sul@hcp.med.harvard.edu>:
> Hi,
> (I’m on a Solaris 10 intel system, and am trying to use the sunperf
> libraries)
> An immediate problem is that some files seem to have embedded ^Ms in them. I
> had to clean and rerun a few times before numpy installed.

Could you tell me what those files are ? In numscons or numpy ? Those
files should be fixed, neither numpy or numscons should have any CRF
types of end of lines.

> Now, I am trying to install scipy via numscons. It looked like it was going
> to work, but it barfed. From the output it looks like whatever is building
> the compile commands forgot to add the cc command at the beginning of the
> line (see below. I’ve highlighted the barf).

Yes, it is a bug in scons - its way of looking for compilers is buggy
on solaris. I will look into it later today (I don't have a solaris
installation in handy ATM),


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